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History of J & J Electrical

13 years ago the owner of J & J Electrical Services, Jonathan, left the Military to find his passion in life. He wanted to find a way to help those in need and develop a valuable skill. Jonathan joined forces with a known Master Electrician in the area. He trained hard for years learning all he could from this Master before moving on to the next teaching and learning experience.  He found himself doing this every few years learning all he could and moving on. In 2018, Jonathan decided enough was enough. He cared more about the quality of the work he was producing and the companies he worked for only cared about profit. Therefore J & J Electrical Services of Virginia was born. Originally named to be a father and son business, customers and loved ones know that J & J is more than father and son, it is a family. The customers that know him best know that from the first meeting on they are family for life.

Dedicated to Quality and Service

When you call on J & J Electrical, we guarantee service to your satisfaction. We work hard to make sure that every customer is fully informed of all options and requirements for their particular project. Quality is always a must with J & J, from prep to cleanup, we ensure everything is done professionally and looking better than when we arrived.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee